Top 5 Best Android Apps of 2018

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As you know there is not just hundred or thousand but millions of apps available on Play store but only some of them are useful, so here is the list of top 10 android apps of 2018 which i do use on daily basis and probably i cannot live without them so let’s start.

1) Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus (Free App)


Clean Master is one of my favorite app and i personally use it to clean some free space on my phone.It is one of the best app on the market and do whatever it say.Fome Features of Clean master :

Junk Cleaner: It helps in cleaning junk files and free up the storage. you will be surprised how much actually junk files take your space.It also clean cache from many apps like facebook, whatsapp and other apps without deleteing apps files.

Antivirus: You can use this feature to scan your phone for any viruses and also it blocks viruses and make your phone safe to use from torjans, viruses and protect your privacy.

PrivacyPhoto: Privacy photo make your photos safe. You can hide the photos which you do not want others to see, which helps in protecting your privacy.

Wifi Security: You can secure your wifi by this feature and detect sake wifi connections.

Battery Saver: You can save your battery power and extend battery life by hibernating apps.

2) Next Lock Screen (Free App)

next lock screen

This is the result of Microsoft Garage project which is actually develop by microsoft employees in spare time.They won the best screen lock app award in 2016. You can use smart lock and smart contacts to configure your lock screen. The design on this app is very cool and professional, you can use these functions on your screen.

Custom Unlock: you can either use PIN or pattern code. you can also use finger print if your device has hardware for it.

Notification: You can view miss calls,messages and other notification from different apps.

wallpaper: choose your own wallpaper from your gallery or their gallery.

3) LastPass Password Manager (Free App)

lastpass passowrd manager

I know it is painful to use so many social networks and different websites and always remember what was the password of your account especially when you have different password for each account. You don’t need to struggle anymore because Last Pass make it easy to remember your passwords securely.

You will have to spend some time to setup everything but once it is done, You are good to go. It automatically login to your accounts with your master password or your thumbprint. Do not need to fill any details and never need to memorize your passwords.

4) PhotoDirector Photo Editor App (Free App)


PhotoDirector let you edit your photos with beautiful editor with lot of different features. You can change your pictures white balance or saturation,apply effects on your photos and adjust the image. There are so many different filters available to choose.

Here is some features of this app:

Photo Editing Tool: Adjust photo one with brightness, darkness and contrast sliders.
Tweak saturation for images.Apply different effects on your pictures both globally or specific region.

Advance Camera with Live Effects: Apply Live photo Effects while snap photos and use many different features while using the camera.

College Maker: Edit, adjust or combine your photos to create beautiful collages.

Photo Sharing: You can use this feature to directly share your images on instagram with instafill, share it on facebook,twitter,flicker and many more.

5) SwiftKey Keyboard (Free App)


If you are bored by using android own keyboard then this is best app for you. This virtual keyword is filled will many different feate wures. It works great on the andorid device while it is a smartphone or a tablet. It can detect the words you are typing and it let you automatically complete the typo.
Swiftkey can also learn your writing style like which emoji you use most, word which you use alot and how do you like to type. It can automatically correct the sentence.
You acn also choose a design and color of your keywboard. It has a support of 200+ languages.

Some features:

  • Autocorrect which actually works.
  • Swipe to type let you type by swiping on keyboard.
  • 80+ colors, themes and designs.
  • Autocorrect support 200+ languages.
  • Emoji Keyboard which learn and predict your favorite emoji.

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